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Changing Lanes!

For the past 16 years, I dedicated myself to tattooing. Looking back, there were so many highs of my career. From tattooing thousands of amazing clients to being able to create everyday freely was truly an amazing experience. But, for a long time I was longing for more.

Like everyone, the pandemic forced me to stop. During my rest, I remembered what was important and essential for moving forward in my life. From then, I realized that it was time to truly dive not only into myself but my artwork. The void that was missing soon became a clear vision. And all that I was longing for was mysteriously all within inside of me.

Since then, I began to slowly ween myself out of the tattoo chair. I had to say ween because I was truly addicted to creating art on people's skin. From daily instant gratifications to clients that became lifelong friends; it was truly hard to say, 'see you later.'

But, in January of 2022, my machines were put in storage, and I began to live a life as a full-time painter. Switching lanes was a bit scary. Many suggested against it and I even often questioned my decision. But, visions of a greater opportunity to truly inspire and empower more than my tattoos could reach won the battle.

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