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BORN IN 1989



Charity Hamidullah is a multi-disciplinary artist from Rochester, New York currently creating in Atlanta, Georgia.  Through the exploration of daily life as well as environments; Hamidullah utilizes the power of art to dive deeper into her purpose and connect with others.


By way of creativity, Charity embraces her vibrant cultural differences and upbringing to create visual narratives that many can relate to.  Her colorful pallets are full of emotion, and life; symbolic of the diversity which co-exist in her story.  From powerful abstract lines to impactful imagery, Charity unveils chapters of growth, self-discovery and empowerment.


From viewing pieces, it is undeniable that Hamidullah truly travels through her art as she examines different techniques, canvases and mediums.  But, no matter the style or approach; it is always made with love and the intention to inspire.


Charity Hamidulah

lives and works in Atlanta, GA

1989 - Born in Rochester, NY





2019 - The Yards Collective (Selected January Residency.)  Rochester, NY


Artist Development 


2019 - TILA Studio Member. Atlanta, GA


2019 - Blackberry Arts Collective Member.  Atlanta, GA




December 2018 - April 2019. The Yards Collective. Rochester, NY


Community Projects


2021 - Elevate ATL + Articulate ATL - Live Art Installation at MET ATL - Atlanta, GA 


2021 - Elevate ATL + Articulate ATL - Five Points Carts - Atlanta, GA 


2019 - Pianos for Peace.  Atlanta, GA.


2019 - Fulton County + Marta. Book Box Project. Atlanta, GA


2019 - TILA Studios + Dashboard + National Night Out - English Avenue Congregate. Atlanta, GA


Selected Mural Projects 

2022 - Magic City Mural Festival - Birmingham, AL

2022 - Mural Installations at Illion Condos - Marietta, GA

2022 - Articulate ATL + GA TECH Collage Mural - Atlanta, GA

2022 - Atlanta City Studio - Broad Street Intersection Mural - Downtown Atlanta, GA

2022- Target + Beautify Earth Installation - Lawrenceville, GA

2022 - Articulate ATL + GA TECH Mural - Atlanta, GA

2022 - Black Voters Matter - John Lewis Mural - Griffin, GA


2022 - Microsoft Mural Installation - Atlanta, GA


2021 - National Domestic Worker’s Alliance- Dorothy Bolden Tribute - Atlanta, GA 


2021- GO VOTE Mural Installation - Atlanta, GA 


2021 - Castleberry Hill Traffic Box Project - Atlanta, GA 


2020- National Domestic Worker’s Alliance - Care is Essential Campaign Mural - Atlanta, GA 


2020- Piedmont Heights Traffic Box Project - Atlanta, GA


2020- Stacks Squares Mural Installation- Atlanta, GA


2020- Burning Bridges Mural Festival - Chattanooga, TN


2019 - Elevate 2019 - City of Atlanta, Mayors Office of Cultural Affairs,      Atlanta, GA


2019 - Village Market ATL - Ambience Studios, Atlanta, GA


2017 - Forward Warrior for Cabbagetown.  Atlanta, GA


2016 - Forward Warrior for Habitat for Humanity.  Atlanta, GA


2016 - Tapeworm Cellular. Atlanta, GA


2015 - Creative Approach ATL. Atlanta, GA


2014 - Purple Corkscrew Atlanta, GA


Selected Exhibitions


2021 - Reclamation Art Show, Tri-Cities Gallery, Atlanta, GA 


2019- Reclamation Art Show , Sinclair Gallery, Atlanta, GA 


2019 - Summer Art Exhibit. Facet Gallery. Atlanta, GA


2019 - Articulate ATL. Mason FIne Art Gallery. Atlanta, GA


2019 - Catch me in the A.  Sinclair Gallery. Atlanta, GA


2019 - January Residency Art Show. The Yards Collective. Rochester, NY


2018 - Member’s Art Show.  The Yards Collective.  Rochester, NY


2018 - GLOW VOTE.  Studio 297.  Atlanta, GA


2018 - Articulate ATL.  Mason Fine Art Galery.  Atlanta, GA


2017 - Black Futurism Art Show. Atlanta, GA.


2017 - Articulate ATL.  Mason Fine Art Gallery.  Atlanta, GA


2017 - City of Ink Anniversary Show.  Peter Street Station. Atlanta, GA


2016 - Articulate ATL.  Mason Fine Art Gallery.  Atlanta, GA


2014 - Atlanta Renaissance at Art Basel. W* Gallery. Miami, FL. 

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