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5 Steps to Change Lanes

Changing lanes can come with ease especially as an artist. Throughout my career, I wore many hats from tattoo artist to graphic designer, muralist to interior painter. As, I began to realize my many talents; it became clear that I had all the potential to change lanes as I please. If I can do it; believe me you can too!

  1. DISCOVER YOUR NICHE! You know that thing that makes you special. Maybe you have many talents or one focus. Whatever it is; know that everyone possesses those things that we do very well. Take a little time to recognize your talents. If you don't see them take time to dive a bit deeper into yourself with journaling. And, if that doesn't work take an assessment from close peers. Evaluate their determinations and then move forward with some solid information.

2. PRACTICE YOUR CRAFT! Now that you have some idea of what your niche is; own in on it. Begin to establish a healthy schedule to practice your craft. Nothing in life is "perfect," but building a routine to focus on your strengths will help build confidence and prepare you for your successes ahead.

3. BUILD A VISION! Plans change often but visions can shape, shift and mold beyond our imagination. As you continue to practice your craft; take time to build a roadmap for your journey ahead. Whether through a visual road map or a vision board; the possibilities are endless. But, the key is to have fun and push away any doubts that come your way!

4. FACE YOUR FEARS AND SHUT DOWN YOUR DOUBTS! A while ago, I read somewhere to write down all your fears, doubts and anything that was holding you back. Once you see them honestly you begin to face them head on. From there BURN THEM! Yes, burn them! And, release that energy because you and your dreams are far bigger than any of your hurdles.

5. WALK THE WALK! With the last few steps you'll notice that you've already been moving in the direction of your higher visions. You've been practicing your niche, focusing on your positives and building a healthy practice. Now, it's time to live it. Whether you take small steps or big leaps remind yourself that it's not a race but a marathon. Learn as much as possible, embrace your journey and walk in your greatness!

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